Total Financial Awakening


Escape the Grind, Discover Freedom, and Reclaim your Life through Real Estate Investing This is the story of Roger Alcott, his wife, Susan, and their two boys. On the surface, Roger Alcott has it all—a well-paying job, a nice home, and luxury cars. 



Unfortunately, these have come at the expense of long hours and high stress of his corporate job. But most importantly, he’s missing time with his wife and kids.

Feeling burned out, Roger thinks there has to be more to life than this. As his corporate job falls apart, a chance meeting with his neighbor causes Roger to realize that by making a few small changes, he can have financial freedom by investing in real estate. In turn, he can also have a flexible lifestyle with more family time and less stress.

In this business fable by real estate investor, Andrey Sokurec, you’ll experience a powerful process, including tools designed to utilize the skills you already possess to generate wealth and happiness through passive real estate income. Start your Total Financial Awakening today.