The Seven Strengths of Summiting


Learn to avoid common mistakes in the mountains: preparation advice on hiking, backpacking and summiting your first, or even your tenth, big mountain. Experienced trekkers know that preparation is half the battle in reaching the summit. You have to be fit to succeed in the mountains, however, many trekkers fail to reach their full potential in the mountains because they focus their prep on improving just their physical strength.



After years of trekking and summiting some of the world’s most challenging mountains, author Mark Santino realized there are actually seven interconnected strengths that, taken together, equip mountain hikers with the tools they need to prepare for the challenges the mountain throws at them.

The Seven Strengths of Summiting is a must-read if you’re a trekker looking to up your game in the mountains — especially if you’re new to hiking at altitude. This guide book (1) provides guidance into how to prepare for your first big hike or climb, (2) shares lessons learned so the reader is able to accelerate their learning curve, and (3) imparts insights to get the most out of your time in the mountains, including what Mark would share with his younger self just starting out.