Tracy Walker: Lions going 0-17 not a possibility in my mind

The Lions forced the Eagles to punt on the first possession of Sunday’s game, but that pretty much took care of their highlights for the afternoon.

Outside of a kneeldown at the end of the first half, the Eagles scored on all of the rest of their possessions and led 41-0 by the time the Lions finally got into the end zone in the fourth quarter. The 44-6 loss dropped the Lions to 0-8 on the season and kept open the possibility that they’ll be the second team in franchise history to go winless for an entire season.

Safety Tracy Walker referenced that potential outcome when he spoke to reporters after the game.

We can’t sit here and linger behind it, we can’t sit here and allow those to be excuses,” Walker said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “We have to fix it right now because obviously it ain’t going to fix itself or we’re going to be 0-17. So at the end of the day, we got to go out here and be better as a team. . . . That’s not a possibility in my mind. I mean, I’m just saying, if we don’t fix it, if we continue with the same problems, obviously we ain’t going to win a game, so we got to fix it.”

While the Lions got blown out on Sunday, they’ve been more competitive in most of their other losses this season. That suggests they’ll find their way to victory at some point, but no one is likely to be too shocked if things continue down the same path when they return from their bye in Week Eight.