Mum fumes as Uber Eats driver texts a photo of her takeaway ‘dumped in a bush’

From a classic chippie tea on Friday to a delicious delivery of pizza or Indian food – we all love a night off cooking.

The feeling of placing your order and knowing it will be safely delivered to your home, without any effort on your behalf, is a good one.

So one mum was left unimpressed after her UberEats driver ‘refused to deliver meals then sent a photo of them dumped in bush’.

Jeanette Eriksson-Gray claims she was forced to forage in the rain for her order before she was left empty-handed after not finding it.

The 39-year-old had ordered her seven-year-old daughter and a friend Happy Meals but says she spotted the account had saved the wrong address after placing her order.

She contacted her driver to change the drop-off point, which was a minute’s drive away but claims the driver told her he ‘didn’t get paid to do that’ before ditching it in some bushes.

The disappointed customer even drew a diagram for the driver to show that her road was just a one-minute drive away.

She said she was then forced to take the two children out in the rain to try and find their £14 abandoned dinner, before returning home empty-handed.

Jeanette, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, said: “I had annual leave last week and I was with my daughter. She had a friend over as well and I said I’d get them McDonald’s for lunch because they were being good.

“It just happened that I had a McDonald’s delivered to my friend’s house on Saturday because we were there with the children and it had saved the delivery address.

“I did message the driver twice to say that was the wrong address even before he picked up the food [from the McDonald’s branch] but I didn’t get a reply.

“I messaged them straight away as soon as I paid with the right address. He [the driver] called and said I hadn’t contacted him, I had, and when I tried to explain where I was, he said ‘I don’t know where that is’.

“It was literally down the road, I could see the road from my house but he wasn’t having it. He said ‘I don’t get paid to do that’.

“The picture of the food in the bush is what the driver sent to me, it was in a random bush, I was really upset about it.”

Now Jeanette has vowed to boycott Uber Eats after claiming she was left ‘really upset’ by the incident.

An Uber Eats spokesman apologised that the customer service ‘was not up to the usual high standards’ and confirmed they had refunded Jeanette in full and provided additional Uber Eats credit as a ‘gesture of goodwill.

Jeanette said: “I’ve used Uber Eats quite a lot during the pandemic and they’ve always been really good.

“When you look at the help bit on Uber Eats [app], it says if the driver had to change the delivery address you could be charged for it, which wasn’t a problem for me.

“He just wasn’t having any of it. I drew a diagram to show him where I was. It literally just shows I can see the road from my house.

“What really got me was when I contacted them, they said I couldn’t get a refund because it wasn’t their fault.

“I know I put the wrong address in but I had contacted them, spoken to the driver twice and he just left the food in the bush somewhere. I didn’t know where it was.

“I said I’d got two children there who were hungry who I then had to get dressed and go out and look for McDonald’s, which we never found.

“I made something at home which obviously didn’t go down very well. It was a disappointment for them. The kids love McDonald’s and the little treats that come in there.”

After complaining on the app, she says she was eventually refunded the money for her food but not the tip she gave the driver when placing her order.

Jeanette said: “I don’t drive so I had to walk around with the children. That’s why I got it delivered.

“I had a friend come over after and he drove up and down the road to check for the food, he said there was nothing there.

“At 4am the next day I got a message to say ‘as a goodwill gesture, we’ll refund you the money for the food’. It felt like they were refunding because I was kicking up a fuss about it, but they didn’t refund the tip.

“It puts me off. I work a lot, my husband works a lot and sometimes we get my daughter a McDonald’s on a Wednesday before Beavers.

“Now it’s put me off from ordering that because I don’t want the same thing to happen. I don’t really want to use Uber Eats again, to be honest. I’ve used them quite a lot to get things, I don’t really feel like I want to use them anymore.

“You get no help. It makes you feel like you’re the one that’s in the wrong.”

A spokesperson for Uber Eats said: “We are very sorry that this customer service was not up to our usual high standards.

“We have refunded Jeanette in full and provided additional Uber Eats credit as a gesture of goodwill to cover her tip.”